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Title: White Paper: Improving Security ROI via an Integrated Application Security Solution - GERMAN VERSION

Publication date:   23 February 2005
Document number:    205101DE


Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to conduct a series of tests that demonstrate the effectiveness of the company's Application Intelligence within the Check Point VPN-1 NG Series firewall compared to other offerings and how they handle threatening security exploits. Check Point believes its Check Point VPN-1 NG Series firewall is the only perimeter security gateway to provide protection for the entire perimeter environment -- without requiring the purchase and deployment of a second standalone "intrusion protection" device.

Engineers tested the security attributes of Check Point VPN-1 NG firewall against a Cisco PIX 515E and a Juniper Networks NetScreen-204. The Check Point, Cisco and Juniper security solutions went through 17 rigorous tests that exposed them to a variety of common application-level exploits including SSL, SQL and HTTP-based vulnerabilities. Tests demonstrated that while Cisco’s and Juniper’s solutions are response-based, meaning that they rely on pre-defined signatures to defeat attacks, Check Point’s solution is proactive, protecting the network against attacks before they even occur.

Tests show that the Check Point VPN-1 NG Gateway offers greater depth of protection in comparison to Cisco and Juniper products tested, and also provides application-level security for a greater number of protocols including SQL, HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, IPSec, BGP, OSPF, and RIP. Moreover, the Check Point gateway offers integrated IPS, firewall and VPN capabilities in a single device, unlike the rival products that steer users to a companion security device. Finally, the Check Point VPN-1 NG Gateway offers a significant total cost-of-ownership advantage.

Please note that this version does not include the appendix. Please see the English version, Document 205101, for that information..

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