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Title: SECUi.COM NXG 2000 Evaluation of Gigabit Ethernet Firewall & VPN Performance

Publication date:   27 February 2005
Document number:    205102


SECUi.COM Ltd. commissioned The Tolly Group through its South Korean affiliate TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association) to test its NXG 2000, a Gigabit Ethernet firewall & VPN appliance.

TTA/TTG benchmarked the maximum TCP session rate when the NXG 2000 is operated in firewall mode only. The Spirent Communications SmartBits SMB-6000 (Testing S/W: Websuite/ Firewall) was used to establish the TCP connections and to measure the maximum session rate.

TTA/TTG also benchmarked the bi-directional steady-state zero-loss (0.1%) UDP throughput under multiple rules and UDP sessions when the NXG 2000 was operated in firewall or VPN mode respectively. For VPN throughput testing, engineers utilized a variety of frame sizes (64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, and 1,400 bytes) generated using the SmartBits SMB-6000 (Testing S/W: SmartFlow) equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The VPN test was run three times and the final result was an average of the three test iterations. For the firewall throughput testing, engineers utilized frame sizes of 64, 128, 256 bytes; all frames were generated using same Spirent Communications SmartBits SMB-6000 that was utilized in the VPN throughput test.

Tests show that the NXG 2000 processes up to 83,400 TCP sessions/sec in Layer 2 firewall mode, up to 56,200 TCP sessions/sec in Layer 3 firewall mode. Moreover, the NXG 2000 forwards up to 1,923 Mbps and 1,907 Mbps of bi-directional, zero-loss throughput for a single VPN tunnel and 5,000 VPN tunnels respectively when tested with 1,400-byte frames.

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