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Title: White Paper – Building a World-Class VPN Solution to Meet Today’s Needs — and Tomorrow’s

Publication date:   09 May 2005
Document number:    205103


This Nortel-focused white paper examines the market trends shaping the adoption of Secure Socket layer (SSL) VPNs, and specifically how Nortel is approaching the market with its VPN Gateway 3070.

Nortel commissioned The Tolly Group in January 2005 to build a hypothetical enterprise environment in which to implement and benchmark the Nortel VPN Gateway 3070, which delivers integrated support for IPSec and SSL VPNs. The goal of this paper is to educate readers about the types of SSL VPN functionality that will be critical in the selection of products and migration to the new technology. Readers will learn the primary functions that should be available in an SSL VPN gateway.

Tolly Group engineers certified the feature/functionality of a series of strategic SSL VPN capabilities in the Nortel VPN gateway 3070, including: basic VPN access, privileged-based access, enhanced clientless access, portal access, scalability and service partitioning.

The Tolly Group also performed SSL VPN throughput tests on the VPN Gateway 3070, subjecting it to tests with either the RC4-MD5 encryption or the much more complex DES-CBC3-SHA (Triple DES) encryption. Further, engineers examined the ability of the VPN Gateway 3070 to handle voice/data convergence by measuring the quality of voice over IP (VoIP) calls placed across the gateway.

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