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Title: "Road Test" White Paper – Mailprotector: Intelligent Spam and Virus Filtering Service, Leveraging Third-party Filtering Services to Improve Security and Reduce Overhead

Publication date:   21 April 2005
Document number:    205104


VirtualConnect Technologies commissioned The Tolly Group, Inc. to conduct a “road test” of its Mailprotector E-mail spam, virus and attack filtering hosted solution. The test took place during January 2005 and included an on-site audit of the hosting infrastructure located in Atlanta, GA. The Tolly Group also deployed and used the VirtualConnect Mailprotector since October 2004.

Tolly Group observations show that Mailprotector usage results in productivity boosts for employees who no longer must grapple with spam, data network managers can expect a reduction in WAN link usage since far less spam should be congesting the pipes, and companies also demonstrate that they are protecting employees from offensive spam or unsolicited porn content, that left unaddressed could expose the organization to potential lawsuits.

Further, the intangible costs for demoing Mailprotector versus other types of inline services (such as a are far less, since there is virtually no investment of time or resources to conduct a tight integration with data stores. All that is required to get going is for mail administrators to redirect incoming messages to the VirtualConnect Mailprotector servers.

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