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Title: NETASQ F2000 IPS-Firewall Multiservice Security Appliance Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   10 July 2005
Document number:    205120


NETASQ commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the NETASQ F2000 IPS-Firewall, a purpose-built network security appliance that combines real-time intrusion prevention, firewall service, IPSec virtual private networking (VPN), clientless SSL VPNs, advanced content filtering, anti-spam, anti-virus and other integrated security services.

Tolly Group engineers focused testing on the performance of the NETASQ F2000 using a mostly default configuration, measuring the device’s zero-loss throughput (while IPS services were active), benchmarking latency introduced by the device under varying traffic loads and conditions. (In its default state, the NETASQ F2000 enables protocol analysis and signature and port-scan detection, among other IPS capabilities.) Tests were conducted at The Tolly Group’s Boca Raton, FL. facilities in May 2005.

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