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Title: White Paper: Test Tool Evolution Keeps Pace with Network Operator Needs

Publication date:   19 August 2005
Document number:    205122


Shenick Network Systems commissioned The Tolly Group in July 2005 to examine the company's diversifEye™ integrated network, application and security performance test system. The diversifEye platform offers a high degree of granular control over each application flow and individual network services to measure Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) with a high degree of accuracy.

QoE is a higher-level abstraction of network measurements. QoE equates to the time required to change a channel in an IP TV application, for instance, or for a Web page to download; QoE identifies the performance measurement that is most meaningful to end users.

The objective of the diversifEye testing was to test an access network with triple-play traffic mixed with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) traffic which attempts to overwhelm the network with invalid traffic and thus deny service to valid users and P2P that consumes too much service provider bandwidth. Such triple play traffic represents revenue generating "value-added" services like VoIP and video. Tests focused on Layer 2/3 traffic generation/analysis capabilities, as well as the capability of the diversifEye platform to create traffic conditions to benchmark network equipment and services higher up the protocol stack.

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