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Title: Coyote Point Systems Equalizer E350si Competitive Performance Evaluation versus F5 Networks BIG-IP 1500 and BIG-IP 3400

Publication date:   14 November 2005
Document number:    205131


Coyote Point Systems, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the Equalizer E350si, an entry-level Layer 4/7 load-balancing switch designed to serve up Enterprise-class performance in a cost effective fashion. Furthermore, Coyote Point asked The Tolly Group to evaluate the Equalizer E350si solution alongside several comparable offerings from F5 Networks.

Tolly Group engineers tested the Equalizer E350si, measuring its Layer 4 connection rate, Layer 7 transaction rate and aggregate throughput (Mbps) at both Layer 4 and Layer 7. Engineers benchmarked the performance of the Equalizer E350si against an F5 Networks BIG-IP 1500 and a BIG-IP 3400, two devices that cost 2.5X to almost 4X more than the Equalizer E350si.

Tests were conducted by Tolly Group engineers in September 2005 at Tolly Group headquarters in Boca Raton, FL. Results show that the Equalizer E350si outperformed the BIG-IP 1500 in every test, offered near-comparable performance to the much more expensive BIG-IP 3400, and offered compelling price/performance advantages.

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