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Title: Tacit Networks Ishared Server and Ishared Remote Appliances, Performance and Functionality Evaluation

Publication date:   25 October 2005
Document number:    205133


Tacit Networks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the performance and verify key functionality for the company’s Ishared Remote and Ishared Server appliances running its full suite of Ishared “Stackable” Services. Tacit Networks’ Ishared product line consists of network appliances designed to deliver wide area file services (WAFS) and other branch office IT services on a single consolidated platform.

Tolly Group engineers conducted extensive performance tests designed to measure the effectiveness of the Tacit Networks appliances – in terms of the response time improvements delivered to users and the yield in bandwidth reduction from caching frequently requested files and E-mail with attachments on local Ishared Remote devices. Tolly Group engineers also verified the presence of several key features and services, including, Server Message Block (SMB) packet signature compatibility, WAFS security and resiliency in the face of WAN circuit disruptions, and the presence of print, DNS, DHCP and Web caching services. Tests were conducted by Tolly Group engineers in September 2005 at Tacit Networks facilities in South Plainfield, NJ.

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