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Title: Reflex Security IPS100 Intrusion Prevention Appliance, Performance, Security and Usability Evaluation

Publication date:   20 November 2005
Document number:    205136


Reflex Security, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to test the Reflex IPS100 network intrusion prevention appliance. The Reflex IPS blocks a comprehensive range of malicious traffic, including HTTP attacks, Denial-of-Service attempts, scans, backdoor exploits, floods, viruses, and worms. The Tolly Group validated the performance of the Reflex IPS, as well as the appliance’s effectiveness at detecting and preventing a variety of attacks. The Tolly Group also evaluated the system’s reliability, reporting and ease of use.

Tolly Group engineers conducted a battery of performance tests, focusing on HTTP throughput across the Reflex IPS appliance under normal conditions, and when subjected to attack traffic generated by Blade Software IDS Informer. They also performed a security test to measure the number of IDS Informer attacks blocked by the Reflex IPS100 while handling HTTP traffic in the background, and tests were also conducted to verify that the Reflex IPS100 appliance could block E-mails infected with worms and virus.

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