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Title: Nortel Secure Router 1002 and 1004 Competitive Performance Evaluation versus Cisco 1841, 2811 and 2821 Integrated Service Routers

Publication date:   09 December 2005
Document number:    205143


Nortel commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Secure Router 1004 and Secure Router 1002 wide-area network routers with integrated network services such as Quality of Service (QoS), IPSec VPN with on-board hardware acceleration, stateful firewall, Network Address Translation (NAT) and Access Control Lists (ACLs) for enterprises and service providers.

Tolly Group engineers measured the multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP) zero-loss throughput of the Nortel 1004 router against Cisco 2811 and Cisco 2821 routers, with QoS, NAT and ACL features enabled in a scenario with multilink PPP traffic riding over four T1s.

To test IPSec VPN throughput over a single 3DES/SHA1 tunnel with QoS and stateful firewall enabled, engineers tested the Nortel1002 against the Cisco 1841 and the Cisco 2811 for Layer 3 throughput with multilink PPP traffic riding over two T1s. The Tolly Group also tested the Layer 3 IPSec VPN throughput of the Nortel 1004 versus Cisco 2811 in a scenario with multilink PPP traffic riding over four T1s. All tests were performed in September/October 2005.

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