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Title: Nortel Secure Router 3120,Secure Router 3120, 1004 and 1002, Competitive Performance Evaluation versus ADTRAN NetVanta 4305, 3305 and 3200

Publication date:   01 November 2005
Document number:    205145


Nortel commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate a trio of its wide-area routers: the Secure Router 3120, Secure Router 1004 and Secure Router 1002, wide-area network routers with integrated network services such as Quality of Service, IPSec VPN with on-board hardware acceleration, stateful firewall, Network Address Translation and Access Control Lists for enterprises and service providers.

Tolly Group engineers measured the multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) zero-loss throughput of the Nortel 3120 with Quality of Service (QoS), Network Address Translation (NAT) and Access Control List (ACL) features enabled. Nortel also directed The Tolly Group to evaluate the Nortel 3120 versus an ADTRAN NetVanta 4305 in a scenario with multilink PPP traffic riding over eight simulated T1s.

Test results show that the Nortel 3120, 1004 and 1002 deliver superior throughput for the majority of packet sizes tested, especially with regards to smaller packet sizes (64 bytes to 256 bytes), generally delivering from 2X to 7X greater throughput than the ADTRAN devices tested.

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