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Title: Fortress Technologies, Inc. Fortress Security Controller FC-X Encryption and Compression Performance Evaluation of Three Models (FC-1500, FC-500 and FC-250)

Publication date:   20 March 2006
Document number:    206104


Fortress Technologies commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the performance of the company’s flagship FC-X Security Controller. The Fortress FC-X is a high-performance security appliance with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and is an integral part of the Fortress Security System designed to provide high performance, secure and reliable connectivity to wireless LANs and fixed wireless networks using Wi-MAX, free space optics, satellite, or other point-to-point links.

The Tolly Group conducted steady-state zero-loss (<0.001%) encryption and compression throughput and latency tests in two FC-X boxes for a variety of Ethernet frame sizes. The FC-X also was subjected to extensive performance tests designed to measure the scalability of the FC-X Security Controller in three selectable performance modules: FC-1500, FC-500 and FC-250.

Finally, The Tolly Group measured the zero-loss throughput in Mbps across the FC-X pair on an encrypted link for different data types (most-compressible traffic and least-compressible traffic) and various numbers of emulated clients for the three FC-X models. For the latency test, The Tolly Group measured the average Store-and-Forward latency for the least-compressible data type and a single client for the FC-1500 model only.

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