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Title: Verso Technologies, Inc. NetSpective M-Class Content Filter, Content Filter Evaluation for Skype Traffic

Publication date:   24 January 2006
Document number:    206105


Verso Technologies, Inc., a global provider of carrier and enterprise solutions, commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the NetSpective® M-Class Content Filter, an intelligent signature-based filtering device that maximizes network performance and security by filtering unauthorized or potentially harmful traffic according to user profiles defined by an administrator.

Tolly Group engineers subjected the NetSpective appliance to a test that measures the device’s effectiveness at blocking Skype™ traffic during the login process without affecting other benign traffic or authorized VoIP traffic (i.e. Net2Phone) passing through a test network.

The Tolly Group also examined the capability of the NetSpective appliance to monitor a constant traffic flow in excess of 3 Gbps while still blocking Skype login processes and allowing other VoIP traffic (i.e. Net2Phone) to pass unencumbered.

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