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Title: TollyEdge White Paper Series: Benchmarking Strategies for Wired Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

Publication date:   27 April 2006
Document number:    206115


This comprehensive 26-page TollyEdge: Benchmarking Strategies for Wired Intrusion Prevention Systems white paper explains what to look for in an IPS — in terms of protection, performance, ease of use and reliability, quantifying measures and benchmarks where possible, to help you decide how much software or other tools are required to adequately protect your network.

The report provides unique perspectives from vendors such as iPolicy, Karalon, Nortel, SourceFire, and TopLayer. The report maps out the types of threats, how IPS tools are designed to deal with them, and how users can effectively benchmark IPS products to determine the best fit for enterprise security needs.

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