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Title: Array Networks SPX5000 SSL VPN Gateway, SSL VPN Gateway Scalability, Performance and Feature Evaluation

Publication date:   01 May 2006
Document number:    206118


Array Networks commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its SPX5000, a purpose-built SSL VPN access gateway that the company says is designed to extend access to remote and local users while maintaining both high security and rapid application response times.

The Tolly Group conducted a number of scalability/performance tests, as well as exercise a number of key SSL VPN features to validate key device capabilities. Engineers examined the scalability of the device in terms of the number of concurrent users supported, the aggregate throughout achieved and latency introduced by the SPX5000 and the ability of the device to work in a variety of popular environments such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile PDA, and Palm-based PDA.

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