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Title: Sana Security Primary Response SafeConnect, Malware Detection and Removal/CPU and Memory Utilization

Publication date:   25 April 2006
Document number:    206125


Sana Security, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Primary Response SafeConnect, a software program designed for Windows-based operating systems (2000, XP) to detect and remove malicious programs.

Primary Response SafeConnect detected and removed 100% — all 183 — of the malware programs that invaded the host system from visiting 4,280 suspicious Web sites. The test results conclusively demonstrate that the program successfully accomplished its main objective — identifying and removing programs showing signs of suspicious behavior, such as trojans, rootkits, Spyware, adware and more. Engineers also measured the CPU utilization and memory utilization of Primary Response SafeConnect during peak program usage.

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