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Title: Citrix Presentation Server 4, Performance Comparison to Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.2

Publication date:   18 April 2006
Document number:    206127


Citrix Systems, Inc., commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Citrix Presentation Server 4, an application virtualization server that uses a centralized architecture, and how it performs in comparison to the Sun Microsystems’ Sun Secure Global Desktop 4.2.

Both products enable IT departments to centrally deploy and manage business applications in a secure environment, providing on-demand access to these resources for users at any location, on any device and on any network.

Tolly Group engineers measured the throughput (average Kbps), elapsed time in seconds, and bytes sent over the link in the areas of remote printing, audio and video display, 2D PowerPoint displays, and a WinBench99 2D graphic benchmark application using GDI/S/Text — Times New Roman 16. To provide a range of connection types, the results were measured using four simulated WAN connections: T1 (1.544 Mbps, 50 ms), DSL (1.5 Mbps/25 Kbps, 100 ms), Satellite/Wireless (512 Kbps, 500 ms), and Frame Relay (128 Kbps, 40 ms).

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