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Title: Tolly Group White Paper Series: Exploring Exchange-Compatible Appliance-Based Messaging

Publication date:   11 May 2006
Document number:    206131


Mirapoint, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to build a microcosm of an enterprise E-mail environment and validate specific capabilities of the vendor’s Message Server appliance related to its ability to provide a “drop in” replacement to Microsoft’s Exchange E-mail application.

This hands-on evaluation proved conclusively that Mirapoint’s Message Server appliance can provide a viable alternative to Microsoft’s Windows-based Exchange Server mail transport application providing full functionalitiy to Outlook clients via Mirapoint’s Outlook SynQ technology while offering platform and security advantages over Microsoft Exchange.

This 23-page white paper comes complete with comparison charts that assess the compatibility of Mirapoint’s management, maintenance, integration and E-mail/calendaring features/functions with Microsoft Outlook. Plus accompanying screen shots provide a window into the Mirapoint Message Server’s “look and feel.”

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