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Title: Dell PowerConnect 3424P Layer 2 Fast Ethernet Switch Evaluation

Publication date:   27 April 2006
Document number:    206135


Dell Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the PowerConnect 3424P, a 24-port Fast Ethernet switch designed for use in a wide array of network infrastructure environments. The PowerConnect 3424P is equipped with a variety of switching features with two copper GbE ports and two optional fiber GbE ports via SFP transceivers.

Tests show that the PowerConnect 3424P performs at wire-speed at Layer 2 with its 24 Fast Ethernet ports and four GbE ports in a full-mesh port configuration for all frame sizes tested, which varied from 64 bytes through 1,518 bytes. Tolly Group engineers also validated more than a dozen key switch functions essential to LAN switches under The Tolly Group’s Tolly Verified certification program. Tests were conducted in February 2006.

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