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Title: Viking Interworks V 2-Gigabit VPN/Firewall Appliance Firewall/VPN Appliance Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   01 June 2006
Document number:    206137


Viking InterWorks, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Viking V 2-Gigabit VPN/Firewall Appliance, which employs an entirely new silicon architecture that makes it possible to protect data centers, perimeters and areas inside the LAN with minimal to no impact on throughput.

Tolly Group engineers conducted firewall and VPN throughput tests, measuring the zero-loss bidirectional performance of the Viking 2-Gigabit VPN/Firewall Appliance when subjected to a variety of packet sizes: 64, 128, 256, 512, 768, 1,024, 1,280, 1,518 bytes plus an Internet mix (IMIX) and Tolly IMIX. Tests were conducted during April 2006.

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