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Title: Cetacea Networks OrcaFlow® TeraSAR TS100-P4 Traffic Anomaly Sensor, Evaluation of Network-based Anomaly Detection Device

Publication date:   19 June 2006
Document number:    206142


Cetacea Networks Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its OrcaFlow® TeraSAR TS100-P4 network-based anomaly detection (NBAD) platform, a novel software approach to monitoring and detecting a wide array of security threats. The OrcaFlow TeraSAR is available in models which will monitor from 512 to 10,240 switched Ethernet ports.

Tolly Group engineers conducted a variety of test scenarios involving OrcaFlow. A baseline test measured the ability of the software to handle “normal” network traffic loads without any adverse impact of switch performance and with minimal to no false positives introduced during the monitoring process. A high volume multiport monitoring test examined OrcaFlow’s ability to rapidly detect the traffic anomalies, identify the software’s ability to detect a breadth of threats and do so with minimal false positives.

Additionally, Tolly Group engineers verified OrcaFlow’s compatibility between SNMP MIB II devices and sFlow® capable devices. Finally, engineers measured the processor utilization on Ethernet switches and bandwidth usages by OrcaFlow® TeraSAR™ sensor to determine its impact on host devices.

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