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Title: Tolly Group White Paper Series sponsored by Siemens: Evaluating Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems vs. Cisco and Network Chemistry

Publication date:   31 October 2006
Document number:    206156


Siemens commissioned The Tolly Group in September 2006 to conduct a comprehensive hands-on evaluation of Siemens HiPath Wireless Manager HiGuard. This white paper provides a detailed evaluation of the capabilities of the Siemens HiGuard versus rival products from Cisco Systems and Network Chemistry.

Tolly Group engineers examined a variety of capabilities delivered by the Siemens HiGuard, a multi-faceted integrated WIPS designed to protect enterprise network infrastructures from wireless attacks. The Siemens HiGuard detected 100% of security threats launched against it.

This September 2006 white paper provides a comprehensive look at the Siemems HiPath Wireless Manager HiGuard and the necessary tools for corporations to effectively evaluate WIPS.

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