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Title: Nortel Secure Router 1004 and 3120, Evaluation of Routing and WAN Link Protocol, Interoperability with Cisco 2821 Integrated Services Router

Publication date:   06 October 2006
Document number:    206158


Creators of business networks require WAN access technology that can deliver interoperability with present hardware and is “future proof.” Considering the existing base of Cisco WAN routers, any third party wanting to be considered as a viable option must be able to interoperate with the Cisco devices.

Nortel Commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the interoperability of its Secure Router 1004 and 3120 model WAN Routers with the Cisco Systems 2821 Integrated Service Router.

To confirm Nortel’s claim of seamless interoperability, The Tolly Group constructed an interoperability test bed anchored by Nortel and Cisco routers. In this environment, engineers authenticated more than a dozen different scenarios, focusing on advanced functions.

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