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Title: H3C S9500 Series Feature Verification and Performance Evaluation of High End 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Publication date:   11 May 2007
Document number:    206193


H3C commissioned The Tolly Group to verify features, performance evaluation, and interoperability confirmation with Cisco Catalyst 6500 for H3C S9500 series. H3C S9500 high end core routing switches fulfilled the requirements and needs for the applications in the enterprise campus networks, metropolitan-area network (MAN) and data center networks with its high throughput, scalability, secure and reliability performance..

The Tolly Group selected one out of five models from H3C S9500 family for testing and verified key features, interoperability functions with Cisco Catalyst 6500, plus Gigabit Ethernet performance.

Tests involved evaluating more than 107 features for Layer 2 VLAN functions, physical port functions, frame forwarding, port aggregation functions, mirroring functions, MAC address management, spanning tree protocol functions, PoE supports, Queuing in Queuing functions, Layer 3 functions, network protocols, security, traffic management, Internet Protocol version 4 and 6 routing, multicast, and tunneling, and Multiprotocol Label Switching.

H3C S9500 also demonstrated interoperability with Cisco Catalyst 6500 on Layer 2 and Layer 3 features and functions. H3C solution delivered high zero-loss throughput for Layer 2 frame forwarding and low micro second latency. Testing was performed in October 2006.

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