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Title: H3C S3610 & H3C S5510 Series Feature Verification and Performance Evaluation of Intelligent and Security Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Publication date:   10 May 2007
Document number:    206197


H3C commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate a wide array of features, as well as the performance, of the H3C S3610 and H3C S5510 series switches. The H3C S3610 and H3C S5510 switch series fulfill requirements for next generation enterprise small- to medium- sized of networks and networks supporting converged voice, data and video.

The H3C S3610 and H3C S5510 series have six models, each of which offers a minimum two Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) uplink ports and offers IPv6 forwarding.

Tolly Group engineers awarded 71 Tolly Verified (TV) certifications for Layer 2/3 functions, network protocols, security features, Quality of Service (QoS), system management, multicasting and IPv6, among other features.

Tests show the H3C S3610/ H3C S5100 series delivered wire-speed throughput with zero loss in Layer 2/3 Fast Ethernet and GbE bidirectional full-mesh configurations. Testing was performed in October 2006.

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