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Title: InfoExpress Dynamic Network Access Control Competitive “Ease-of-Use” Comparison versus Cisco Network Admission Control and Cisco Clean Access

Publication date:   19 January 2007
Document number:    207165


InfoExpress commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Dynamic NAC (DNAC) 5 versus Cisco Systemss, Inc.’s Cisco Network Access Control (NAC) 2.0 and Cisco Clean Access (CCA) 4.0.

Tests concentrated on the effort necessary – in terms of number of steps required – to deploy and maintain the NAC solutions under test, and the potential impact of each step on the existing network infrastructure. Tolly Group engineers audited the process of deploying the NAC solution in a representative network, and also documented the effort involved in performing routine maintenance of each NAC solution. Testing was conducted in November 2006.

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