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Title: Citrix Systems, Inc. Presentation Server 4.5 Platinum Edition High Availability Study of Presentation Server 4.5 for Application Delivery

Publication date:   01 June 2007
Document number:    207188


Citrix Systems, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the high application availability delivered by Presentation Server 4.5 when deployed in a server farm with 1,000 servers. Tests aimed to show that a cluster of back-end servers running Presentation Server 4.5 can offer very high levels of application availability even for the most demanding enterprises.

Tolly Group engineers evaluated the massive Presentation Server 4.5 farm’s ability to service large numbers of session requests to ensure application availability to thousands of simulated end-users. Moreover, engineers identified and validated the various components of Presentation Server that play an important role in application availability. Tests were conducted in March 2007.

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