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Title: Reflection for IBM 2007 Competitive Feature Evaluation versus IBM Personal Communications 5.9.1 and NetManage RUMBA 7.5.0

Publication date:   02 October 2007
Document number:    207234


Attachmate Corporation commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the company’s terminal emulation software, Reflection for IBM 2007, to verify its productivity features along with the Microsoft Windows Vista® and Office integration.

Attachmate’s Reflection for IBM 2007 is the newest release of the company’s fully featured terminal emulation software featuring a broad array of user productivity enhancements.

Tolly Group engineers evaluated Reflection for IBM 2007 features and Windows integration against IBM Personal Communications 5.9.1 (PCOM) and NetManage RUMBA 7.5.0 (RUMBA) terminal emulation packages. Testing was conducted from June through August 2007.

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