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Title: SMB Data Portfolio Business Ethernet Switch Series Evaluation of Throughput, Latency and Voice over IP Performance

Publication date:   25 September 2007
Document number:    207246


Nortel commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Business Ethernet Switch (BES) portfolio of SMB-class, PoE-capable switches, in terms of data performance and Voice over IP (VoIP) quality. Tolly Group engineers tested four models in the portfolio — The BES50GE-24T-PWR, the BES120-48T-PWR, the BES220-48T-PWR and the BES1020-48T-PWR. The BES 200 model was tested in both standalone and four-switch stack configurations.

Tests focused on measuring the Layer 2 throughput and standard deviation of latency; as well as VoIP call quality (in terms of MOS, PSQM, PESQ scores) and call completion rate. Tests were conducted in August 2007.

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