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Title: ShoreTel, Inc. Unified Communications Systems Evaluation of Power Consumption vs. Cisco Unified Communications Systems

Publication date:   09 October 2008
Document number:    208267


ShoreTel, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Unified Communications (UC) System for its power consumption when running critical IP Telephony components in campus headquarters, regional office and branch-office locations.

The Tolly Group measured the power consumed (total watts) by a variety of Shore-Gear® IP voice switches and ShorePhone® IP phones. Engineers then computed the energy requirements to support three enterprise scenarios — a large-scale network with headquarters (HQ), a medium network with a central HQ and 19 remote offices, and a selfcontained single-site small office. The computations considered all ShoreGear voice switches, phones and associated servers and the power required to support them.

The Tolly Group compared the ShoreTel Unified Communications System’s energy consumption to a Cisco Systems, Inc. solution used for a comparable deployment. A representative sample of Cisco equipment was tested for power consumption and those results were used to extrapolate the data for the three enterprise scenarios.

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