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Title: Nortel Converged Data Network Solution with Ethernet Routing & Application Switch Evaluation of Resilient Routing Switches for Real-Time Multimedia Traffic on Nortel Converged Data Solution Supporting Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Publication date:   20 May 2008
Document number:    208268


Nortel commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate a converged network infrastructure for enterprise users utilizing its Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 5500 and ERS 8600 series switches for their support of Nortel’s Split Multi-Link Trunking (SMLT) and Routed SMLT (RSMLT) technologies.

Telephony and video services were built on the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 running in a resilient, multi-site network with each site consisting of multiple ERS 8600 units at the core, communicating with ERS 5500 and 8600 switches at the network edge. Users placed voice and video calls across the test network. Tests attempted to show the Nortel Converged Data Solution with SMLT/ RSMLT technology can support uninterrupted Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 live communications either locally, or across the network.

Tests were conducted in February 2008.

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