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Title: Ethernet Routing Switch 2500 & 4500 Series Evaluation in “Green-IT” environments vs. Cisco Catalyst 3560G/E & 3750G/E Series & HP ProCurve 2600 Series

Publication date:   22 January 2008
Document number:    208269


Nortel commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the company’s Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 4550T-PWR and 4548GT-PWR with Redundant Power Supply 15 (RPS 15), as well as the ERS 2526T-PWR and ERS 2550T-PWR to determine the price per port for delivering PoE, switch power consumption and heat dissipation.

Tolly Group engineers also measured the cost to deliver full PoE (~15.4W) on all ports simultaneously for the Nortel ERS switches tested versus Cisco Catalyst 3560G- 48PS, 3750G-48PS, 3560E-48PD, and 3750E-48PD; and HP ProCurve 2626-PWR and 2650-PWR switches. Tests did not focus on the Cisco 2960 Series and HP ProCurve 2800/2900 Series since PoE was not supported on those devices at test time. Engineers also verified the PoE power management tool of Nortel-only products via CLI, Java Device Manager (JDM) and Web-based management.

Without any external power supply attached to the tested devices, engineers measured the power consumption for a switch at factory default mode to determine how much the national average commercial electric cost over three years of continuous operation. Based on switch power consumption results, engineers calculated associated cooling costs from heat dissipation for all switches tested.

Tests were conducted in October 2007.

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