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Title: Performance, Resiliency and TCO Comparison to Cisco/HP ProCurve Across Network Classes - SPANISH

Publication date:   11 June 2008
Document number:    208275ES


Nortel commissioned The Tolly Group over the last two years to benchmark the performance, and evaluate the features/functions, of products that serve every facet of the enterprise network, from the data center to the remote branch office.

The aim was to measure, objectively, the performance, and evaluate the resiliency and TCO, of Nortel products versus products from Cisco Systems, Inc. and HP ProCurve. Tolly Group engineers examined products for the data center, for campus LANs, for wide area networks, branch offices, and also for application acceleration products to speed the performance of business applications.

This report provides a retrospective of Nortel-focused reports dating back to 2005, with emphasis on showing how Nortel addresses these factors to offer products that surpass competitors.

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