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Title: RSA® DLP Network Competitive Evaluation of Content Detection Accuracy versus Symantec Mail Security 8240

Publication date:   10 January 2008
Document number:    208282


RSA, The Security Division of EMC, commissioned The Tolly Group to measure the accuracy of RSA DLP Network, a server-based appliance designed to prevent the loss of sensitive corporate data by monitoring and blocking transmissions from a corporate network.

Tests focused on measuring “recall,” the product’s ability to correctly identify all documents that contain sensitive information and “precision,” or the percentage of retrieved documents that are sensitive and relevant. The product with the best recall offers the best protection against data loss or misuse; the product with the best precision offers ease of use and lower cost of ownership.

Engineers measured the accuracy of RSA DLP Network against Symantec Corp.’s Mail Security 8240, an appliance that merges anti-spam, anti-virus, content protection and other capabilities (with content detection technology from Vontu, Inc.).

Tests were executed using pre-built policies for Personally Identifiable. Information (PII) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data included in both products. Use cases were developed by an independent expert at a leading West coast university and have not been shared with the vendors. Tests focused on identification of sensitive content. Tests were conducted in June 2007.

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