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Title: Radware OnDemand Switch 1 & OnDemand Switch 2 AppDirector Version 1.06 Competitive Performance Evaluation versus F5 Networks BIG-IP 6800

Publication date:   16 September 2008
Document number:    208288


Radware commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the performance of its OnDemand Switch 1 & 2 AppDirector, the company’s nextgeneration application switch, in comparison with F5 Network’s BIG-IP 6800.

The goal was to measure performance while handling challenging tasks to determine which device offers the higher Layer 7 transaction rate and faster response time. Tolly Group engineers determined the transactions-per-second (tps) rate and the corresponding throughput and response time for 10 object sizes at Layer 7 in multiple scenarios of a single HTTP request per connection and 10 HTTP requests per connection. They also in conjunction tested the ability of the platforms to maintain performance while dealing with DDoS attack packets.

Tests were conducted in February 2008.

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