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Title: Passlogy - PatternPass 1000, Evaluation of Token-less PASSLOGIC One-time Password Authentication System

Publication date:   26 January 2009
Document number:    208290


Passlogy Co., Ltd. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the PASSLOGIC token-less one-time password (OTP) authentication system running on its PatternPass 1000 appliance. The PASSLOGIC technology implemented a patented 2-way, 2-factor, one-time password authentication mechanism that does not require a dedicated hardware token.

Tests focused on the ability of Passlogy’s PatternPass 1000 appliance and PASSLOGIC system to resist security events such as brute-force attacks or random account locking attacks. Engineers also tested the compatibility of the PASSLOGIC system to work in an SSL VPN scenario, as well as using multiple portable devices like portable game devices, PDAs, mobile phones, etc. to generate the one-time password.
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