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Title: Net Optics, Inc. Net Optics 10/100/1000 iBypass Switch with Heartbeat Evaluation of Uninterrupted In-line Protection for IPS Appliances

Publication date:   20 May 2008
Document number:    208291


Net Optics, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its 10/100/ 1000 iBypass Switch with Heartbeat across different network and device disruption scenarios in a simulated network that paired the bypass switch in-line with an IPS device.

The Tolly Group examined the bypass switch’s in-line protection solution using a leading enterprise IPS device. The goal was to introduce real-world failures to validate the capabilities provided through an integrated solution. Engineers measured the fail-over time of the Net Optics bypass switch in various fail-over scenarios and verified its additional network monitoring capabilities.

Tests were conducted in April 2008.

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