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Title: Rackable Systems, Inc. C1001 Eco-Logicalâ„¢ Server Competitive Power Consumption and Power Efficiency Study

Publication date:   01 May 2008
Document number:    208297


Rackable Systems, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the power consumption and power efficiency of its C1001 Eco-Logicalâ„¢ Server against similarly configured, low power-draw Intel Xeon processor-based 1U rackmount servers from Dell, Hewlett- Packard Co., IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems, Inc.

The Tolly Group used a highprecision Chroma Model 66202 Power Meter to examine the power consumption of the servers on a 208V, 60Hz feed, at idle and while running the High Performance LinPack benchmark.

Tests also measured the power efficiency of the AC power supply unit from the Rackable Systems C1001 server at the component level. Tests were conducted in March 2008.

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