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Title: ZyXEL Modular Switch MS-7206 Evaluation of RFC 2544 Zero-Loss Performance with Low Latency and Green Evaluation of Power Consumption

Publication date:   20 May 2008
Document number:    208309


ZyXEL commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Modular Switch MS-7206 chassis-based switch with two MM-7201 switch fabric and four MI-7248 line cards running software version 3.75 (ABX 2).

The Tolly Group examined the Layer 2/ Layer 3 throughput and latency of the MS-7206 as supported by RFC 2544 requirements for zero frame or packet loss. Moreover, Tolly Group engineers analyzed and verified the power consumption, in terms of watts consumed, of the MS-7206. Engineers went further by calculating the amount of watts per hour required to drive 1 Gbps of traffic across the MS-7206 switch.

Tests were conducted in April 2008.

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