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Title: 3Com Wireless LAN Mobility System, Competitive Wireless LAN Controller Resiliency Evaluation versus Comparable Cisco Solution

Publication date:   29 January 2009
Document number:    208342


3Com Corp. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the resiliency feature of its WLAN controller cluster and compare that to a comparable solution from Cisco Systems, Inc.

Tolly Group engineers measured the behaviors of different applications during the WLAN controller fail-over and recovery in three resilient network scenarios:
  • 1) 3Com controller cluster in a default High Availability configuration,
  • 2) 3Com controller cluster in a default HA configuration with local switching enabled, and
  • 3) Cisco‚Äôs resilient WLAN controller solution using the configuration designed for the minimum fail-over time.

    Engineers also evaluated the load-balancing feature of the 3Com Wireless LAN Mobility system during fail-over and recovery.

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