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Title: BLADE Network Technologies, Inc. RackSwitch G8100 Competitive Performance Evaluation versus Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switch

Publication date:   10 October 2008
Document number:    208346


BLADE Network Technologies, Inc. (BLADE) commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the Layer performance and power consumption of its RackSwitch G8100 10G Low Latency Switch with 24 10GbE ports — designed for top-of-rack aggregation for the large data center — against a Catalyst 4900M from Cisco Systems, Inc.

Tolly Group engineers measured the Layer 2 throughput, latency and multicast performance of the switches in a variety of common network topologies as well as the energy usage for the switch operations with and without load. Engineers also compared the price/performance of the switches from both companies.

Tests were conducted in September 2008

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