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Title: Nortel Secure Router 4134 vs. Cisco ISR 3845: WAN Performance Analysis and TCO Evaluation for Branch Router Deployments

Publication date:   06 March 2009
Document number:    209104


Tolly engineers examined the Nortel Secure Router 4134, a modular switch that Nortel designed to support a range of advanced network services – including IPv4/IPv6 routing, high-performance WAN, high-density Ethernet switching, Power over Ethernet, Voice over IP (VoIP) and security – in a single integrated platform. The Secure Router 4134 is designed to meet the needs of enterprise branch, regional or even headquarters sites.

Tolly engineers compared the performance and power consumption of the Secure Router 4134 against a commonly deployed Cisco ISR 3845, an integrated service router. While engineers measured throughput and power consumption, they also used the hands-on data to calculate initial deployment costs and operational costs over a five-year lifespan to demonstrate how the Nortel switch can provide an effective and cost-efficient option to the Cisco ISR 3845.

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