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Title: Virtual Desktop Implementation: VMware View 3 Premier vs. Citrix XenDesktop Enterprise 3.0

Publication date:   31 August 2009
Document number:    209119


Testers set out to build and deploy a virtual desktop environment capable of supporting 30 to 40 users. Engineers layered the virtual desktop capabilities onto a pre-existing virtualization environment to serve as a starting point. Once virtual desktops were built, testers conducted an informal examination of application responsiveness for LAN-based VDI users when running traditional business applications, as well as when accessing high-definition multimedia.

The goal of the test was to help prospective users of the Vmware and Citrix desktop virtualization solutions better understand the process of setting up and managing the respective VDI environments. Current release offerings were used for each of the solutions.

The Vmware View 3 VDI solution deployed more simply and more rapidly than Citrix XenDesktop 3.0. Vmware provided more comprehensive, efficient image and storage management of virtual desktops. It provides end-users with a quality of experience on the LAN that matches or exceeds that offered by the Citrix solution.

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