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Title: Enterprise Wireless LAN Deployment Cost and Capacity Analysis: Xirrus vs. Aruba Networks and Cisco Systems - REPORT APPENDIX

Publication date:   04 August 2011
Document number:    211100APPENDIX


Network architects considering deployment of Wi-Fi solutions need to be aware that not all 802.11n Wi-Fi products are architected the same, nor do they offer the same level of performance. Customers need to consider various factors like the one-time capital expenditure (CapEx) required for hardware and software components of each solution, as well as the ongoing operational expenditure (OpEx) items such as maintenance and power costs. In addition to the acquisition and ongoing costs associated with each solution, customers need to also factor in the costs of any switching infrastructure upgrades, cabling infrastructure upgrades, etc. required to implement a solution. Apart from these easily-quantifiable costs, there could be ancillary but substantial costs associated with items such as: site surveys, end user training, network performance and coverage optimization that will vary from one deployment to another.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays, available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 radio models, are built on a distributed architecture that provides a level of inherent redundancy and resiliency not found in traditional 2 radio AP + controller solutions. The high-density radio implementation of the Xirrus solution provides for a dramatic reduction in the need for physical devices - 51 Xirrus Arrays to 192 Cisco/Aruba’s APs in the first example described below. In the simplest terms, this Xirrus advantage translates into lower capital expenditures (CapEx) for hardware, device installation and network infrastructure upgrades and lower operational expenditures (OpEx) for maintenance, support and power consumption.

To illustrate the Xirrus architectural benefits in a way that would be meaningful to wireless LAN architects and implementers, Xirrus commissioned Tolly to develop a cost analysis for three common wireless LAN deployment scenarios: 1) Enterprise, 2) Primary/ Secondary School District, and 3) Convention Center. This is the appendix section of a two-part report and contains the detailed bill of material information. This report should be used in conjunction with the report appendix (Tolly document 211100) that contains summary of the analysis.

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