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Title: Motorola WiNG5 Wireless LAN Architecture Advantages: Lab Evaluation vs. Traditional Hub-and-Spoke WLAN Solutions

Publication date:   09 May 2011
Document number:    211114


Motorola’s WiNG5 architecture was designed to deal with the challenges of higher bandwidth 802.11n wireless networks and scale efficiently from small to large, geographically dispersed deployments. In the WiNG5 architecture, the controller function is distributed throughout the network. In fact, each AP has much of the same capability as the main system controller.

Because system intelligence exists local to each access point, local WLAN traffic always stays local - removing a significant burden on WAN resources. Furthermore, in situations where the APs are unable to communicate with the main system controller, no loss of function is experienced at the local WLAN and users are not impacted.

Motorola Solutions commissioned Tolly to benchmark the performance and system behavior of products built on Motorola’s new WiNG5 architecture and compare those results with solutions from Cisco and another leading vendor that are based on traditional, controller-based architectures. Testing was conducted in April 2011.

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