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Title: HP MSM460/466 WLAN Access Point Family: Architecture, Performance, and Video User Density Evaluation

Publication date:   29 July 2011
Document number:    211122


Because of increased performance and efficiency required from WLAN architectures, 802.11n is becoming widely adopted in the industry. Legacy WLAN solutions are built on a centralized architecture that, by default, requires all traffic destined to a wired station to communicate via the controller. HP’s MSM Family offerings are built on an optimized architecture that allows APs to communicate directly without requiring traffic to traverse a controller. As WLAN transmission rates increase and network load increases, an optimized architecture can streamline and improve network performance. HP offers both centralized and distributed options.

HP commissioned Tolly to confirm the optimized architecture and validate the performance of its MSM WLAN Access Point family with 3x3:3 stream MIMO capabilities, compared to market leaders based on the centralized, controller-based, hub-and-spoke architecture.

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