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Title: Dell Force10 Distributed Core Fabric Solution For The Data Center Architectural Scalability, Resilience & Power Consumption Using Z9000 Systems

Publication date:   14 November 2011
Document number:    211129


Data center switching is arguably the most demanding network environment in the Enterprise. High concentrations of high-end server and storage resources will typically translate into high demand for network resources. Historically, the scalability and resilience/high-availability requirements of the data center could only be met using chassis-based LAN switches.

With its Z9000 core switch, Dell Force10 introduces their Distributed Core fabric architecture. This innovative design is purpose-built for cost-effective, high- performance, highly-scalable data center core networking.

Dell Force10 commissioned Tolly to demonstrate the efficacy of building a data center fabric solution using fixed-port Z9000 switches deployed in a Clos-based, leaf-and-spine configuration to provide the scalability, flexibility and high-availability of chassis-based solutions.

Tolly evaluated a lab deployment of ten Z9000 switches with 4 serving as the network spine and the remaining 6 as leaf nodes. Tolly engineers evaluated the overall performance of the 10-device system, validated resiliency of the leaf-to-spine switch connections and measured the power consumption of the Z9000 according to the ATIS standard for core switches.

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