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Title: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 5.0 Consumer Endpoint Security Performance vs. K7 Computing, Kaspersky, McAfee & Symantec

Publication date:   14 November 2011
Document number:    211133


Endpoint security is an essential element of any Windows PC. As an “always-on” service, its resource requirements have the potential to impact and degrade user experience. Furthermore, the complexities of security configuration can be confusing to consumers, the vast majority of whom are non-technical.

Trend Micro has focused its Titanium Maximum Security 5.0 offering on providing effective endpoint security without requiring user configuration and without degrading the user experience.

Trend Micro, Inc. commissioned Tolly to benchmark the performance of Titanium Maximum Security 5.0 vs. consumer-class, Windows 7 32-bit security solutions from K7 Computing, Kaspersky, McAfee and Symantec. Specifically, this testing evaluated the impact each solution had on system resources and user experience in a number of common usage scenarios.

Testing showed that Trend Micro Titanium consistently scored at or near the top of the rankings in a series of tests that involved boot times, on- demand scanning, memory, CPU usage, and installation functions.

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