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Title: Quest vRanger Pro 5.2
 Performance and Ease-of-Use Evaluation in VMware ESXi 4.1u1 Environments

Publication date:   05 December 2011
Document number:    211134


Small and medium size business (SMB) networks are facing increasing demands for data protection in their virtualized environments. As server consolidation continues, SMBs are unlikely to adhere to the level of redundancy sought by enterprise class datacenters. However, planning for the unexpected provides for a quick recovery in the event of an outage.

All SMBs can benefit from a flexible platform which can provide the desired backup, recovery, and replication features, while effortlessly integrating with their specific environment. A solution which can be implemented as a virtual or physical machine, on the LAN or SAN is preferable where storage may not be centralized, or additional servers may be hard to come by.

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