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Title: Edgewater Wireless EAP3000 Access Point WiFi3 vs. Single-Channel Access Point Performance

Publication date:   14 February 2012
Document number:    212106


Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n LAN (WLAN) Access Points (APs) are integrated with single-channel radio solutions. While these single-channel APs advertise high-speed connectivity to clients, in practice the performance of the network is adversely impacted when a slow client, or when multiple slow clients, connect to the AP.

In cases where older 802.11b clients are being supported, this rate can be as low as 1Mbps when factors like distance or interference prevent higher association rates. Thus, even a single client associated at a low rate will degrade the overall performance of the AP.

The Edgewater Wireless EAP3000 AP eliminates this problem. By providing three separate channels, the EAP3000 can service older, low-speed clients on one channel while providing two additional channels that can be used by newer, high-speed clients.

Tests show that the EAP3000 provides a dramatic increase in aggregate throughput in these mixed-mode environments when compared with single-channel APs from several leading providers.

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